Characters and Setting with a FREEBIE

Friends...I love Instagram!!  I can't say enough how many wonderful ideas I get from Instagram!!  I was inspired by Ashley over at One Sharp Bunch when I saw one of her Instagram posts last week.  If you don't follow her, you need to!  Her blog is super bright and colorful and she obviously has some great Instagram posts!!
We used the book Make Way for Ducklings for this activity.  We have recently been discussing maps and globes during Social Studies.  We read this book during reading and discussed the characters and setting.  Then, during Social Studies we mapped the ducklings' route that they took.
I use a "Notebook of Learning" in my classroom.  It is just a composition book that my students can use across all subject areas.  No separate science, math, or reading notebook which makes things easier for EVERYONE!  I printed the characters and setting page, used a paper cutter to cut it down to size, and cut just along the dashed line.  I had my students glue down the part that says, "I can tell you all about the..." in their notebook.  Check out their fantastic work:
Characters: Mrs. Mallard Mr. Mallard and the ducklings and the officer.
Characters: The cop and ducklings and the mommy.
Setting: The ducklings were outside.
How cute are those ducklings?!?!
Characters: Mommy and daddy and babies.  Setting: They were at the river.
Characters: The characters are Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.  Setting: They were at the pond.
I was SUPER impressed with their AMAZING work!!  I think their drawings are just the cutest!!  Some of them were using our message to spell words, some of them were using the flap book to spell characters and setting...I love it!!  I'm so proud of them!  I love this point in the school year because of how independent my students are with their work.
I used the fabulous KG Fonts to create this!
If you want to try this with your students, I created a *FREEBIE* for you!  Just click the picture to grab it!  
 I'd love to hear if you use this with your students!
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