I have always loved school supplies since I can remember!  So, Back to School shopping for my classroom is always something very enjoyable to me.  Plus, school supplies are usually on sale during this time of year and I just cannot resist a good sale!
I finally jumped on the Scentos markers bandwagon!  I feel like every blog/instagram/store display that I see, these markers and pens are found.  I know my students are going to love smelling using them.  I saw these cute sticky notes on My Fabulous Class - Ideas for Primary Teachers and just knew I needed to have them!  They are from Walmart and using them for a yes/no vote will be perfect for my kiddos!  

Pinterest was my inspiration for my Back to School Night gift for my students.  I made my own labels and put them on bubble bottles.  I know the kids will love them!
This year I decided to make a banner for my classroom.  I figured it would be cute to hang up at Back to School Night and then hang it up in my classroom throughout the year.  I love it!
The pencil clipart in the banner is FREE from Creative Clips and the polka dot background in the banner is FREE from Teacher Joe.  You can find them both on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Happy Back to School Shopping to you!
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So right now The Dollar Store has a TON of baskets and teacher supplies out!  I could have bought a lot of baskets, but I resisted and only bought the polka dot magnetic containers in the bottom right corner of this picture...so cute!  
Now for something I think is ADORABLE!  While wondering around Walmart, I first saw these stackable baskets and thought that they looked like a little chair.  Then I saw these little pillows (they also had pillows with pizza, popcorn, and flowers on them).  I went back to the aisle with the baskets and brought one over to the pillows and TADA - a comfy reading chair for your classroom!  
I bought enough for two chairs!  The best part is the basket was $6.50 and the pillow was $3.50 so only $10 a chair - not a bad deal!  
*I had a kid who is going into 2nd grade test out the chair and they were able to sit in it just fine, however I would probably stick to using this in pre-k, kindergarten, or 1st grade classrooms.
Happy Shopping! 
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Thanks so much for checking out my teaching blog!  I'm so excited to be a part of the blogging community!  

I am a kindergarten teacher and I love creating fun and engaging lessons for my students!  

I designed my blog myself and I have seriously looked at tons of online webpages, videos, blogs, etc. to help me along the way.  It has definitely been a learning experience and I have changed it and updated it MANY times!  

For this blog, I figured that since I love teaching and baking, why not combine the two - Recipe for Teaching!!  I plan to post the ideas that I am using in my kindergarten classroom on this blog.  I may also post about some delicious recipes!

Here are a few shout-outs to some awesome clipart and font artists that I used to help create my logos, headers, sidebar titles, etc.!
Hi, my name is Heather and I LOVE Educlips clipart!  I designed my blog logo using her clipart!  You should follow her store on Teachers Pay Teachers for sure because she offers new clipart sets at 50% for the first 48 hours they are posted!

Do you love fonts?!?!  Kimberly Geswein has some of the BEST fonts!  I used her fonts on my blog.  They are so fun!

The black and white polka dot background on my blog comes from Sonya DeHart.  I love her black and white digital paper set!
I can't wait to share my teaching ideas with you and hope that you are able to use the ideas in your classroom!

Don't forget to follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers and Social Media for my latest updates and products!  Just click the links to follow along!

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