I'm doing my Sunday Scoop a little later than I usually do so for once it doesn't have that I hope to watch the Ravens WIN because they did not win today!  It came down to the end and was close, but no win for them today!  
Here is my Sunday Scoop! 
3 things I have to do:
*I just printed a few things today and I need to laminate them!
*Work on Halloween costumes!  Yes, I still like to dress up!  I'll have to post pictures at some point!  
*Laundry made it back on the list this week!!  I have laundry sitting in the dryer that is just waiting to be folded!
2 things I hope to do:
*I love reading my US Weekly magazine so I can catch up on the latest celebrity news!
*My fantasy football team is winning right now, but you just never know what the scores will be in the end!  I'm projected to win so we will see!
1 think I'm happy to do:
*Watch Once Upon a Time tonight!  I am loving"Frozen in Storybrooke!"
Have a great week!  If you didn't get a chance to check out my Five for Friday, check it out for some yummy pumpkin recipes!
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Happy Friday!!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching this week again for Five for Friday!  
I'm so excited about this post because I'm sharing FIVE of my favorite pumpkin recipes to make!!  The name of my blog is RECIPE for Teaching!!  I even dressed up like a baker for "Career Day" at school last year!
All of the pictures I'm sharing are pictures of the food that I made!!  If you click the picture it will take you to the recipe I used.  Try not to lick your screen!!  hahaha!!

 Those are Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins!  I have made these for Thanksgiving every year for the past few years.  They make a yummy breakfast or anytime treat!  The recipe is for bread and makes two loaves, but I made muffins for them which will change your baking time (about 18 minutes, but always check with a toothpick to make sure it's cooked through)! 
*My baking tip: This recipe calls for olive oil and last year I used a specialty orange flavored olive oil that made these even more amazing!!  It's a little splurge, but worth it! 
Yum Yum and more Yum!  Another yummy breakfast treat - pumpkin pancakes!!  Perfect for a fall weekend breakfast! 
Pumpkin cupcakes!!  The recipe page gives you a great tutorial for making the CUTEST fondant pumpkins, but I just cheated and used candy pumpkins!! 
So if your local grocery store sells the JELL-O pumpkin spice pudding mix you need to go run to pick it up!!  It's amazing just to make it as a regular pudding, but it is a secret ingredient in this Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies recipe - YUMMY!! 
And last, but not least...another pumpkin muffin recipe with only canned pumpkin, spice cake mix, and *water!  My aunt gave me this recipe - gasp - before Pinterest, but you can find it on there and other sites!!  
*My baking tip: I've included a site that has the recipe, however the recipe I use you can add 1/4 cup of water! 

Hope you enjoyed my "All Things Pumpkin Five For Friday!"  Maybe I've motivated you to do a little pumpkin baking!!  Have a wonderful weekend!
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Happy Wednesday!!  Today I am linking up with Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday
Halloween is almost here - next week...seriously where does the time go?!?!  I thought I would make my "Wordless Wednesday" be Halloween related...
We picked this yummy candy mix up and my question for you is: 
What is your favorite candy?  
I love Reese's Cups and those pumpkin shaped Reese's Cups are just delicious!  (I may have eaten one today!!!)
Don't forget to join the link-up!
So I posted about buying Peanut Butter & Cupcake on my Five for Friday post last week and I posted a picture of it on Instagram and now I'm doing a post about it for Book Talk Tuesday with Mrs. Jump's Class!!
I first found this book from another teacher posting about it.  I think the post was on Instagram, but it was awhile ago so I can't remember who it was.  I just remember thinking, "I must buy that book!"  I recently ordered it and it just came in the other day.  I cannot wait to read it to my students!!  IT IS SUCH A CUTE BOOK!  When it arrived in the mail, I immediately opened it and read it aloud to my husband!! 
Throughout the book Peanut Butter is looking for a friend, but there is always a reason he can't be friends with them.  Do you think you can guess who Peanut Butter's friend should be?!?!  I love the illustrations in this book.  I could see so many activities with this book - writing a "how to" book for making peanut butter and jelly, teaching about friendship, or even writing/drawing a new story about "buddy foods."  How fun would that be!  
I love children's books!  Be sure to link-up if you have a great book to share!
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It's Sunday and I'm linking up with Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop Link-Up!!

Here is my Sunday Scoop!!  
3 things I have to do:
*I tried a new recipe for a pumpkin fluff dip (I'm posting about it on my recipe page so check it out!) and it is sooooo yummy!!  I must stay away from it, but this will be hard to do!!!
*I've been working on a new TpT product and just haven't finished working on it so I have to do that!
*I have to update my planner!  This is something I try to stay ahead of!
2 things I hope to do:
*Watch the Ravens win!!  I just keep that on there every week!
*I am going to update my recipe page with the pumpkin fluff dip I made yesterday!  Check it out because it's super easy to make!
1 thing I'm happy to do:
*We cleaned yesterday!  Always nice to enjoy a clean house for the start of the week!  
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So I've discovered a small problem wonderful thing about teacher blogs and instagram...they make me buy things for my classroom that I would have never known about!!  Whenever I see something in a blog post or instagram post that I love, I immediately want to run to my computer or closest Target/Michaels/Dollar Tree and buy it!!!  Here are some of the things that all the teacher bloggers and instagram users have made me purchase!!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this Five for Friday post!!
How fun are these?!?!  Magnetic spinners for your white board!  I see SO many uses for these.  I use spinners for some of the math games we play...how fun would it be to model the game with a BIG spinner!  The kids are going to love this!  I saw a post about these on a blog (can't remember who!) and knew I needed to have them!!  

I LOVE children's books!  I have soooo many books in my classroom that I have collected over the years.  I saw someone post this (I think it was on instagram).  Peanut Butter is looking for a friend the whole book...do you think he will find a friend in the end?!?!  Since peanut butter and jelly is seriously one of my most favorite sandwiches, that makes this book even better!

Seriously?!?!  Pumpkin trays that look like ten frames!!!!  These are from The Dollar Tree - I bought 10 of them!!  I am pretty sure I saw The Kindergarten Smorgasboard post about these first and he also has a FREEBIE for you!!  If you have these "ten frames" you should definitely download it!!

I posted about this awhile back, but this is another book I bought after seeing it on a blog.  It is another great book to add to your classroom library and it's written by the same author who writes the fabulous Pete the Cat books!
So I sadly admit I don't even think I ever paid any attention to Scentos markers before I started this blog!!  This is another picture I had shared before, but I would not have Scentos markers without blog and instagram posts!!  Oh and those cute little sticky notes I found from a blog post too!  They are great for yes/no votes!!  
Hopefully I shared something with you that you *have* to have!!!  Do you every buy things after seeing them on teacher blogs or instagram posts?? post signature
It's time for Technology Thursday with Teaching Trio!!  This week's topic is sharing an app that you love to use with your students.  
You may have already heard of this app, but it is the Number Rack, by The Math Learning Center.  And......it's FREE!!! 
From reading different blogs, I see that a lot of teachers love using Rekenreks in their classroom.  I also LOVE using them!  There are SO many things you can do with them and the kids LOVE them!  This app allows you to use a digital Rekenrek.  I like to stick with the two rows of beads to make it look like the Rekenreks the kids are using, but you can also add more rows of beads when using the app.
Just like the app says, Rekenreks are so great for allowing your students to see in groups of 5 and 10.  They are also great because your kiddos can actually move the beads one at a time or in groups.
Here is a picture of a student using a Rekenrek in my classroom...
Be sure to link-up and share one of your favorite apps to use in the classroom!
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This week I'm going to link-up for "Book Talk Tuesday" with Mrs. Jump's Class and a new one - "Tried it Tuesday" with Fourth Grade Flipper.

I love teaching math!  I've mentioned this before, but I really do!  It's hands on, full of problem solving, and there are so many great pieces of literature that connect to math lessons!  
Last year we had some professional development on using the "Notice and Wonder" strategy with our students.  I was immediately hooked and wanted to try run back to my classroom and use this with my students!
If you haven't heard of this strategy before it is a great way of getting your students to problem solve in math and have all students participate in the discussion.  Basically you do the following:
1. Pose the problem to your students.
2. Ask them to share what they notice.
3. Ask them to share what they wonder.
4. Have students solve the problem. 
5. Share! 
The biggest difference is that you are not really asking them a question in the problem.  I'll show you one that I plan to use with my students so you understand a little better...
If you notice, I don't actually ask them a question.  However, students can still solve this problem based on the information they are given.  The best part...there are SO MANY DIFFERENT ANSWERS!!  This alone is a great discussion point for your students when they are sharing and you discuss why two friends came up with different answers, but are both correct!  
For this problem I would write the problem on chart paper for students to see and then have them share what they notice and record what they say.  Then I have them share what they wonder and record what they say.  The best part about using the word notice and wonder is that students are able to naturally notice and wonder about things.   
The picture that I have shared above has two copies of the same problem.  A great way to differentiate is give some students the copy where they write what they notice and wonder and give some students the copy with just the jar.  My plan is to have students use candy corn candy and candy pumpkins as manipulatives to solve this problem, but you could also have students use orange and yellow unifix cubes.   
If you have 5 minutes, this is a great video to watch for "Notice and Wonder."  

And since I'm also linking up for "Book Talk Tuesday...here is a book I like to use in math during October!  
 This is a cute counting book with pumpkins.  The numbers double throughout the book so it's great for teaching doubling numbers and counting.  The kids love it!

Hope I've been able to teach you something new!!
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I'm excited to be linking back up with Teaching Trio for my Sunday Scoop post!!  I missed last week because we were busy having an "Oktoberfest" celebration!  It was a lot of fun!!  I made a banner and photo booth props for it.  I love a good themed party!! 

3 things I have to do...
*I have to read my Math Stations book!  I have a few chapters to read.  I posted about this in my Five for Friday post.  I'm excited to get some new ideas!!
*I have to do some cleaning - straighten up a few things, laundry, etc.
*I have to check my Fantasy Football team!!  Need to make sure my team looks good for the week!!!

2 things I hope to do...
*Watch the Baltimore Ravens WIN makes it on the Sunday Scoop again!!!  Hoping for a WIN today!!
*Watch Cristela and Shark Tank that I recorded on Friday!  Cristela is a new show that looks hilarious!  Shark Tank is a show that I have just recently become obsessed with!!  I love it!

1 thing I'm happy to do...
*My Sunday Scoop!!  Happy to be linking up again this week!! 

Have a super week!!

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