Are your kids and students obsessed with poppers?!  They are so fun and even I like to pop them so I can see why kids love them!  I came up with a tag that you can use with these popper bracelets (or any popper toy).  

I found the popper bracelets on Amazon.  If you search Amazon for them, you will find a variety.  I've also heard that Dollar Tree has an assortment of popper toys.  I included the tag in color as well as a black and white option.  The black and white option looks really nice printed on a pink cardstock.   

I found those clear heart bags at Target in the seasonal section.  The bracelets fit well in them and then I just folded the bag.  The tag can be attached with tape or a staple.  You could also use a ribbon to tie the bag closed.  

Click the image below to grab your FREE tags!  These would be great gifts for your students or for you to use for your own kid's valentines.  Please tag me on Instagram if you use these! 

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