We love camping and making s'mores during the summer!  This Marshmallow Coverall is perfect to use over the summer.  Just grab the coverall board, two dice, some markers for covering and you are set for "s'more" summer fun!

This activity is super easy to prepare.  I first printed the Marshmallow Coverall board on white cardstock.  The free download (found below) also has a black and white version included for color saving options.  It would look nice printed on a bright colored cardstock.  I recommend laminating the boards for durability for future use.  I also grabbed two dice and some pom poms to cover the numbers.  Then we were ready for Marshmallow Coverall!  

I had my students working in partners for this activity.  Students first started by rolling two dot cubes.  Then they combined the dots to add.  This told them which number to cover on the coverall board with a pom pom.  

Students continued rolling the dot cubes and adding on each turn.  In the example below, 4 and 2 were rolled.  Students said, "4 + 2 = 6 " to their math partner they were working with and then covered that number on their board.  

Students continued rolling, adding, and covering until all of the marshmallows were covered on their Marshmallow Coverall board.  

This would make a great math station for your students!

*You could also have your students use two numeral cubes.  This would be a great way to differentiate for students who are ready to move past combining the dots to add.  

Ready for some Marshmallow Coverall fun?!  Just click the picture below to grab your FREE download!
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