Advice for New Bloggers!

Hi Friends!  I started this blog back in the summer as a way to share my ideas and to connect with other teachersBlogging is something that I have said for years that I wanted to do and then over the summer I just did it!
 The blogging community is really so amazing and I cannot believe all of the wonderful ideas that I have found through it.  I probably tell my team, "I found this great idea on Instagram" or "This blog I follow had a really neat idea" ALL the time! 
Even though I have only been blogging since July, I feel like I could maybe offer some advice to someone new to blogging or someone considering blogging.  Just remember that I am by noooooo means an expert, but maybe my little blog could give you some ideas!
1. Join Instagram!
Instagram is the most amazing way to connect with other teachers!  It is a great way to see a quick picture and description of an idea.  Often times an Instagram post has a link back to a blog post to find more about the picture.  Many times there is a freebie involved!
2. Don't expect to get thousands of followers overnight!
I think it is so easy to compare yourself to bloggers who have been doing this for years!  Just remember, you have to start somewhere.  I think it is so awesome when bloggers who have thousands of followers follow my blog or follow me on Instagram.  Remember - everyone who starts a blog or joined some type of social media, started with 0 followers.
3. Join linky parties!
Linky parties are a fantastic way to find new blogs and they are FUN!  I find that they help me to blog more oftenSome of the ones that I join are weekly and some are monthly.  I've been participating in a great book study linky which has been like my own little professional development!  Here are some of my favorite linky parties:

4. Comment, Comment, Comment!
Leave meaningful comments on blogs, Instagram, TpT purchases/freebies, etc.  Everyone loves a sweet comment!  I love having an email that tells me that someone has left a comment on my blog post.  And I know we all love seeing an Instagram notification!

5. Use pictures!
Most of us are visual learners so we love seeing pictures!  Pictures are such a great way for readers to see what is happening in your classroom.  If you are a TpT seller in addition to a blogger, pictures of your students using your products are a great way to help promote your product.

6. Support each other!
We are educators and are trying to share our ideas with everyone.  Support each other!!!  Share pictures using a fellow blogger's work in your classroom, email another blogger, comment (back to #5!) on blogs!  Support and collaboration are SUPER important! 

7. Blog your ideas!
Blog about things in your classroom and just about anything fun that your are doing with teaching!  It is YOUR blog and a way for you to document what you are doing!!  Have fun with it!  

8. Schedule posts!
This is something that I need to be better atIf you know your post ahead of time, scheduling your posts is a great choice.  I have done this before with some of the linky parties that I have joined.  However, some blog ideas (like my current one!) just come to you so scheduling a post might not always be the best option for you.  It is just about what works for YOU! 

9. Click the "notify me" button when you comment on another blog!
I don't know why this took me so long to figure out, but if you click the little "notify me" button when you comment on another blog, you will get a notification when other people comment on that post.  This way you can stay involved in the conversation!

Do you have any tips to share with a new blogger??  Leave a comment sharing your tips because I would love to hear your ideas!!
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