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I love mini erasers from Target!  Do you have the butterfly mini erasers?!  This Butterfly Number Bond is perfect to use with the butterfly mini erasers.  It's fun for spring and helps your young math learners work on decomposing numbers.  

To prepare this activity I printed the Butterfly Number Bond mat (free download found below) on white cardstock.  I would recommend laminating the mat for durability.  

I also grabbed my collection of butterfly mini erasers to use for the manipulatives. 

I grabbed a pencil and clip for the spinner.  We were ready for some Butterfly Number Bond fun!
To start, students first spun the 6-10 spinner.  The number the spinner landed on told the students how many butterfly erasers to count out on the number bond.  In the example below the spinner landed on the number 7.  The students counted 7 butterfly erasers into the top circle of the number bond.   

Then students were ready to decompose 7 into two groups.  I always remind my students that decompose means to break apart.  

In the example below, the student decomposed 7 into 4 and 3.  They put 4 butterflies in one circle and 3 butterflies in the other circle.  

The student decomposed 7 into 6 and 1 in the example below by putting 6 butterflies in one circle and 1 butterfly in the other circle.  

In this example the student decomposed 7 by putting 5 butterflies in one circle and 2 butterflies in the other circle.   

The students continued spinning and decomposing using the butterfly mini erasers.  This activity is great for small group work, independent work, or partner work.  It's a great addition to a math station.  

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Ready for some Butterfly Number Bond fun?!  Just click the image below to grab your FREE download!

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Teen numbers can be a tricky concept for young learners.  These Teen Number Rainbow Clip Cards will help your students see the group of ten and the extra ones.  It's a fun, hands-on way to practice with teen numbers.

To prepare this activity, I first printed the clip cards on cardstock for durability.  I also recommend running the cards through the laminator.

Then I used my paper trimmer to cut out the clip cards.  There are ten clip cards altogether to practice with numbers 11-20.  

I grabbed some rainbow clips that I picked up at Walmart and a small container for holding the clips.  

We were ready for some Teen Number Rainbow Clip Card fun!

To begin, my students first picked a clip card.  This student picked a clip card with a group of ten on one cloud and two extra ones on the other cloud.  The student recognized that 10 and 2 more is 12.

The student took a clip and clipped the number 12 on the card.  

The student then picked another card.  The student recognized that this card has a group of ten on one cloud and eight extra ones on the other cloud.  

The student used a clip to clip the number 18 on the card.  

Students repeated this same process until all cards had been clipped. 

This is a great activity to do with a small group of students who may need some extra support with teen numbers.  It is also a great addition to a math station so that students can practice with teen numbers.  

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Ready for some Teen Number Rainbow Clip Card fun?!  Just click the image below to grab your FREE download!
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We love Valentine's Day in Kindergarten!  I'm always looking for a fun way to have my students decorate their Valentine's Day bags, but also I also like integrating an academic piece into the decorating.  This year I put together something for my students to glue on their bags, count, and write about.  They LOVED it and their bags turned out so cute!  

To begin, students first were able to label their bag with their name.  I found the bags at Michaels. 

Then they cut out how many of each picture they wanted on their bag.  They glued the pictures on their bag and colored them.  

Students then used a chart with the images to help them write about how many of each picture they had on their bag.

They were able to use sight words to help them write how many of each picture they had on their bag.  I love integrating a math and writing activity together. 

My students really enjoyed this and it was an academic way to decorate Valentine bags!  You could also have students compare their pictures.  For example, they could say, "I have a greater number of hearts than cupcakes."  or "I have less roses than bears."  They could also compare their pictures with a friend's bag.  Lots of fun math ideas for these bags!

Ready to grab your FREE download?!  Just click the image below to download!

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Happy Winter!  Aren't penguins just the cutest?!  This Penguin Spin and Write will have your students working with numbers 11-20.  They will be counting dots, subitizing, and writing the number.  It's perfect for independent work, partner work, or a math station.  
This activity is super easy to prepare.  I first printed the Penguin Spin and Write mat on white cardstock (free download found below).  I printed the color version, but there is also a black and white version that could be printed on colored cardstock.  I recommend laminating the mat so students can use a dry erase marker with it.  Then I grabbed a pencil and paper clip for the spinner.  I also grabbed a dry erase marker for writing the number and an eraser.  Then we were ready for some Penguin Spin and Write.

To start, students first spun the 11-20 spinner.  Then they counted the dots on the ten frame.  Students could also subitize (instantly recognize) the ten frame arrangement.  Then students wrote that matching number on a penguin belly.  
In the picture below, the student spun a ten frame with 17 dots.   They recognized that ten dots and seven more dots was 17.  
The student wrote 17 in a penguin belly.  
Students continued spinning, counting, and writing until they had filled in all of the penguin bellies with numbers.  
Students could erase the numbers and begin the activity again if there was still time left to work.
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Ready for some Penguin Spin and Write fun?!  Just click the image below to grab your FREE download!
BONUS DOWNLOAD!!  Also included in this Penguin Spin and Write resource is a Comparing Numbers penguin themed mat!  For this activity students spin the 1-20 spinner.  They write the number in the first penguin belly.  They spin the spinner again and write that number in the second penguin belly.  Students compare the numbers to determine which number is greater and which number is less.  There is a number line for students to use to help compare the numbers.
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What is your favorite emoji?  I love the heart eyes and the laughing face ones.  Those are probably the two that I use the most.  This Emoji Counting activity will have your students counting using emoji erasers.  It helps work with numbers 1-10 and 1-20.  The Emoji Counting mat is also differentiated so you can meet the needs of the learners in your class.

This activity is easy to prepare.  I found my emoji erasers from Five Below, but it looks like you can also find them on Amazon.  The emoji counting mats (free download found below) include mats for ten frames 1-10, numbers 1-10, and numbers 1-20.  There are also color and black and white versions included in the download.  I like printing the black and white version on yellow cardstock because it reminds me of emoji colors.  Laminating the mats is a good idea for durability.  In addition to the emoji erasers for counting, I also grabbed a pencil and paper clip for the spinner.  Then we were ready for some Emoji Counting fun!

To start, students first spun the spinner.  They looked at what the spinner landed on.  In the picture below, the spinner landed on the ten frame representing 6.

The student then counted out 6 emoji erasers.

Also included in the free download is a spinner with the numbers 1-10 on it.  This student spun the number 3.

They counted out 3 emoji erasers on their Emoji Counting mat.

If your students are ready to work with numbers 1-20, there is also a spinner for numbers 1-20.  In the picture below, the spinner landed on the number 14.

The student counted out 14 emoji erasers.  They can also see that one group of 10 and 4 extra erasers is 14.  

Students continued spinning the spinner and counting emoji erasers until their time was finished.  
This activity is perfect to use during small math groups, partner work, or at a math station.

Ready for some Emoji Counting fun?!  Just click the image below to grab your FREE download!

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