Hearing rhyming sounds is an important skill for early readers.  These Campfire Rhyming Cards are a fun way for young learners to practice with rhyming sounds.  Students will be matching the two halves of the campfire together to make a matching rhyme.  It's perfect for a reading center, small group work, or to use at home with your own kids.

There are 7 pages of rhyming cards included and 4 cards to each page.  Your FREE download (found below) includes 28 rhyming cards.  

To prepare this activity, I first printed the campfire rhyming cards on white cardstock. I love the durability of cardstock.  I would recommend laminating the cards.

Then I cut the cards out using my paper trimmer.  After that, I cut down the middle of each card along the black line.  

We were ready for some Campfire Rhyming Card fun!!

I like to keep all of the cards in a basket.  I find this keeps materials a lot more organized in my classroom.  

To begin, students first started looking for rhyming picture cards.  They would say the pictures to check the rhyming words.  

In the example below students said, "Dog, log...they rhyme!"  

In this example, the student recognized that "ring" and "king" are rhyming words.

Students continued matching rhyming cards until all rhymes had been matched.  

This is a great activity to use with your students at a reading center or in small groups.  You could lessen the amount of rhyming cards used if you only wanted to focus on a few rhymes at a time.

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To grab your FREE Campfire Rhyming Cards, just click the image below!
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