I hope that you are all enjoying your Winter Break!  I know my break has been filled with lots of family time, friend time, and relaxing time!  
When returning back to school, I always like to give my students time to share what they did over their Winter Break.  They are always so excited to share what they did, what presents they got, or any other exciting news.  We typically share about our Winter Break during our calendar routines and also write about our break.  
 I created a few different options you could use with your students to have them draw and write about their Winter Break.  I'm excited to use these with my students and hear all about what they did over the break.  

Just click the image below to download the different Winter Break Writing Pages

You can grab that adorable snowman image from Dots of Fun on TpT by clicking the image below.

And don't forget to stop by my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and grab your FREE Happy New Year Poem!
Enjoy the rest of your break and have a Happy New Year!  
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We had tons of HOLIDAY FUN LEARNING in our classroom before the Winter Break and I wanted to share some of it with you!
Jingle Bell Math Chat
I have blogged about Math Chats before and I just love doing them with my students.  I posted the picture with the jingle bells and then we talked about what my students saw on the picture.  You can see all of the ideas they came up with.  Tons of learning in this simple activity.
Jingle Bell Problem Solving
To go along with the Jingle Bell Math Chat, I brought in a box with 15 bells.  Some of the bells were red and some of the bells were green.  I had my students work to determine how many they thought were red and how many they though were green.  They were able to use red and green cubes if they wanted to help them solve the problem.  
I also differentiated this activity by giving some students the recording sheet with 15 bells on it and some students a paper with a blank space to draw the bells independently.
Gingerbread Cookie Math
We decorated gingerbread cookies with icing, chocolate chips, marshmallows, jelly beans, and m&m's.  I had my students record how many of each candy they used.  They ate their gingerbread cookie after decorating and recording the number of candies.  Yum!
   Student Holiday Gift Tags
I gave my students a container of white Play-Doh (thank you Walmart for having Play-Doh for 50 cents a container) as a holiday gift with a tag that said, "Do you want to build a snowman?  Happy Holidays!"  I told them it was "Snowman building Play-Doh."  They were super excited about it!
If you want to use these resources with your students, just click the image below to grab them for FREE!
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It's the most wonderful time of the year!  I love all things Christmas and I know my students are excited about Christmas! 
I recently had my students share what they wanted for Christmas and give reasons for why they should get that gift.  One of my students said that he wanted a vacuum cleaner!!!  I emailed his mom and she said that he wants a real vacuum cleaner!  I just think that is the cutest!  
I decided to put a "My List for Santa" paper out at a reading center because I just knew my kids would go crazy for it.  I love activities where they are doing work, but don't realize they are doing work.  This is one of those activities because they think they are just writing a list to Santa, but little do they know, they have to sound out words, write their list, and draw a little picture next to their word.  Lots of work in one little activity and they LOVE it!  
The great part about this writing paper is you can use it with your students AND you could also use it with your own kids!  Just click the image to download.  Happy Holidays! 
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Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties seem to be pretty popular these days!  My husband and I just hosted an "Ugly Sweater" themed Christmas party and I created the invite, as well as printable image to put out as a decoration, using the adorable Melonheadz clipart.  The image below is the set that I used!
 Ugly Christmas Sweater by Melonheadz
I LOVE to bake (which is why I went with the blog name Recipe for Teaching).  I've been baking a lot for Christmas and here are some of the yummy treats we had at the party:
And here is the printable image that I made to set out as a decoration:
If you are hosting an "Ugly Sweater" party here is the image I used.  Feel free to use this for personal use for your holiday party FUN!
 I also wanted to include something you might be able to use with your students.  We are having an "Ugly Sweater Day" at school this week and I thought this would be a fun activity for my students to do on that day.  Just click the image below to grab the free download!
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