I love giving my students opportunities to build words.  It is important for them to recognize letters and that we use letters to build a whole word.  This Apple Word Building activity is perfect to help students with building words.  It's a fun Fall activity for young students.  

The download (found below) includes a sight word list (the kindergarten Dolch sight word list), uppercase and lowercase apple alphabet letter cards, and two versions of an apple tree word building mat.  To prepare this activity, I printed all of these things.  I would recommend running the materials through a laminator for durability.  To cut the alphabet cards I just used my paper cutter.  For one of the word building mats your students can use a dry erase marker to write the word and for another word building mat your students could use Play-Doh or letter magnets.  

This activity can be very open-ended for students or you can have it more directed for the words you want your students to focus on.  

Both uppercase and lowercase apple alphabet cards are included in the download so that students could practice building their name or their friends' names.  I love having my students do activities with their names at the beginning of the year.  It helps them to identify their name and the names of their classmates.  

There is also a sight word list in the download that students can use to spell sight words so students could use that list to spell words.  Using Play-Doh is a fun way to practice fine motor skills and practice words that students need to read.  

This Apple Word Building activity could be used with small reading groups.  It would also be a great literacy center activity for your students.  

Ready for some Apple Word Building fun?!  Just click the image below to grab your FREE download!

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I know there is a lot of excitement about the solar eclipse happening on August 21!  Are you planning to watch?  Just be sure you have safety glasses if you are planning to watch!  These Sun and Moon Match cards are the perfect way to get young learners excited about the solar eclipse and math and reading!  They are the perfect resource for a math or literacy station.

 These cards are easy to prepare.  I just printed the cards on white cardstock.  I would recommend laminating them for durability.  I used my paper cutter to cut along the lines and cut out the individual cards.  Then I was set!  

The download (found below) includes:
*uppercase alphabet letter sun cards
*lowercase alphabet letter moon cards
*picture moon cards
*numeral 1-20 sun cards
*ten frame 1-20 moon cards

There are a few ways to use these cards. 

Alphabet Match 

Students can match the uppercase and lowercase letter cards.  Since the moon will cover the sun during the solar eclipse, the lowercase moon cards are meant to cover up the uppercase sun cards.  These cards would be fun to use at a literacy center, in a small reading group, partner work, or at a sensory bin.

Letter Sound Match

For this activity, students match the uppercase sun card and the moon picture card.  They match the picture card that has that letter at the beginning of the word.  Since the sound for "x" is a tricky one, I have included a picture of "xylophone" and "box" so you can decide if you want to use a word that begins with "x" or ends with "x." 

 Number and Ten Frame Match

For this activity, students match the ten frame moon card to the sun numeral card.  The numbers included on the sun and moon cards are numbers 1-20.  To differentiate you could only use numbers 1-5, 1-10, 10-20, etc.  You can differentiate based on the numbers you want your students to focus on.  This would be a fun math station activity for your students.  

Ready for some Sun and Moon Match fun?!  Just click the image below to grab your FREE download!  

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I just love browsing through Target!  I happened to find some adorable bear plates in Target over in the paper plate section and immediately knew that I could use them for a counting activity with my students.  Counting 1-10 is an important skill for my kindergarten students and this Bear Food Counting activity will help with mastering that skill.  

This activity was easy for me to prepare.  I picked up the bear plates from Target.  I printed the Bear Food spinner on white cardstock and laminated it for durability.  Since there are two Bear Food spinners to a page, I used my paper cutter to cut them in half.  I also grabbed a paper clip and pencil for students to use to spin the number spinner.  I chose to use Cheerios cereal for the "bear food," but you could use any manipulative of choice if you did not want to use food.  

For this activity students first spin the spinner on the Bear Food mat.  The download (found below) includes four versions of spinners:
*numerals 1-5
*ten frames 1-5
*numerals 1-10
*ten frames 1-10

Students then count out that much food for the bear on the plate.  I like to make sure my students are practicing one-to-one counting when counting out manipulatives.  I also like to make sure my students say the last number for the amount they counted and repeat how many they have.  This is a great way to practice number sense skills.  Students continue this process independently or with a partner.  

This activity can be easily differentiated because you can choose which spinner you want your students to use.  If you have laminated the spinners, you could also have students practice writing the number that matches the amount of food on the spinner board.  The bear's tummy is a perfect place for writing the number if you choose to do this.

This activity is perfect for your small math groups, independent work, partner work, or a math station.  

Ready for some Bear Food Counting fun?!  Just click the image below to grab your FREE download! 
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