Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!  Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving preparations!!!  I'm getting ready to make pumpkin cranberry muffins!   But first, I'm linking up for my Wordless Wednesday post today with Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice

Here is my picture...
And my question for you is: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
Mine is a toss-up between mashed potatoes with gravy and stuffing!!  YUM!!!!
Anyone else crazy like me and enjoy going shopping on Black Friday?!?!?!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Don't eat too much turkey!! 
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Gobble Gobble!!!  Happy Thanksgiving Week!  What food are you most looking forward to eating devouring on Thanksgiving day?!?!  I love stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy and sweet potatoes with marshmallows and pumpkin pie...I love it all!  Actually the turkey is probably my least favorite believe it or not!  However, I do like to make turkey salad with the leftovers - yum!!  
Here is my Sunday Scoop!

3 things I have to do:
*I have to get my plans out of the printer - short week this week!!  
*I have to make a few copies in the morning - usually I try to make copies ahead of time, but I just found this activity so copying in the morning it is!
*I have to fold laundry - as usual!!!  

2 things I hope to do:
*I am planning to start using my Elf on the Shelf next Monday so I really hope to dig it out this week sometime!!  
*I've been reading Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations book and I really hope to organize some math stations! 

1 thing I'm happy to do:
*We have had some cold weather and it's supposed to be somewhat warmer this week!  

Looking for some Thanksgiving fun??  This website has the cutest Thanksgiving photo booth prop printables for FREE!!  I printed them and laminated them to use last year - so much fun!  
Hope everyone has a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving!!  

Don't forget to link-up with Teaching Trio for your Sunday Scoop!
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I'm linking up with Teaching Trio for my Sunday Scoop!!!  I've missed the past few weeks so I'm excited to be linking up with them today!!

3 things I have to do:
*I have to look for some meals!  I always find when I plan meals for us, we spend less at the grocery store and it makes it easy to make dinner!
*Anyone else make their lunch the night before??  It's so much easier than scrambling around in the morning!!
*Same with making my lunch the night before, if I pick out my outfit the night before I save time in the morning! (Except when I decide in the morning that I don't really like what I picked out the night before hahaha!) 

2 things I hope to do:
 *I love Christmas music!  O Holy Night is my FAVORITE!!  
*I love putting pictures of my students around my classroom and I have some pictures I hope to print!

1 thing I'm happy to do:
*I love all the Christmas movies this time of year!  Angels and Ornaments is the moving I'm recording tonight!  
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!   
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Happy Friday!!  I'm watching the Hallmark Movie Channel (Christmas movies are on!!) and linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

 If you follow my Instagram account, you saw this the other day!  We were working on building teen numbers and this is a great activity for doing that!  They roll the wooden "10 cube" and then the 0-9 dice which helps them build the number.  The "10 cube" has different ways to represent 10 on each side - tally marks, the number 10, the word ten, 10 fingers, 10 dots, and a ten frame.  This way they are always representing "10 and some more."

We made soldiers for Veterans Day this week!  This is one of my favorite activities to do with the kiddos!  I have them use sponges to paint with and it works really well!  

My students LOVE "The Numeral Song" by Dr. Jean so I typed it up and made it into a book for them!  They put it in their book baskets to read.  I definitely want to do this for some of the other Dr. Jean songs we do!  

We have been reading books about Pilgrims, Native Americans, and the first Thanksgiving.  Today we compared the jobs of a Pilgrim boy and Pilgrim girl.  This was my paper that I modeled for them.  My students seriously think I am the best at drawing!!  hahahaha!  They always tell me, "You are good at drawing!" or "Your drawings look so good!"  Oh and those are SUPPOSED to be chickens that the Pilgrim girl is feeding, although a few of my students definitely were not convinced!! 

I have this poem ready to do next week!  One of my favorites and the kids always love it!  I'm not sure where it originally came from, but it is wonderful!  

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!  Stay WARM!!!

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Happy FRIDAY!!!  I'm sharing a few things from my week!  Some of them might be familiar if you follow my instagram account!  I should have taken a picture of the Princess Jasmine sticker one of my students gave me first thing this morning - so cute!!  Be sure to link-up with Doodle Bugs Teaching with your Five for Friday post!

We did a math activity using candy corn and pumpkins!  Who doesn't love to "eat their math"?!?!?!  I did a problem that I had shared about in a previous post that you can check out here!  The kids did great with this!
We read How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? and then used ten frames to find how many seeds were in our pumpkin!  There were 710 seeds!  I definitely recommend buying this book if you want to do this activity - it is PERFECT!
Yes, those are Elf on the Shelf bandaids!!!  Target has them in their $1 section!  Looks like our class Elf is going to be bringing some bandaids!  I posted some of the ways I used my Elf on the Shelf in my classroom last year and even included a *freebie* for you on TpT!  Check it out here!
We tasted pumpkin products today - pumpkin bread (really muffins), pumpkin pie, and pumpkin seeds!  Then we graphed which pumpkin product we liked the most.  Pumpkin bread was the WINNER!!!!  We read The Runaway Pumpkin before doing the activity (such a cute book)!  I used the graph from my Pumpkin Activities Pack for this lesson!   
I pulled out my Native American and Pilgrim books to use with my students!  We have started discussing long ago and today and this fits perfectly with our long ago and today Thanksgiving lessons.
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I'm watching the CMA Awards right now so I figured I would make a Wordless Wednesday post related to that!  
I saw Carrie Underwood at the Grand Old Opry a few years ago - she was AMAZING!!  She is definitely one of my favorite country singers!  I also love Kellie Pickler!  I've been a fan of those two since they were on American Idol!!
So here is my picture...
 And my question for you is - Do you like country music and who is your favorite?

Happy Wednesday and be sure to link-up for Wordless Wednesday!!

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Hi Friends!  I'm linking up today with the Holidays Around The Blog Linky hosted by Amy and Julie!  There are a lot of great bloggers who have already linked up to share things they do in their classrooms during the holidays!
Last year I bought an "Elf on the Shelf" for my classroom after seeing all the fun things that other teachers were doing in their classroom with it.  I was a little late buying it last year, but this year I hope to introduce it right after Thanksgiving break!
A lot of you are probably already familiar with "Elf on the Shelf," but it comes with a really cute book and the kids know they can't touch the elf!  A lot of my students were familiar with it because they had one at their house too!
Our class elf arrived like this...

Our class elf looked like this when we opened the box (since I'm a football fan, our elf had a jersey!)...
We voted on a name for our class elf and in the end Jingle it was!  Here are some of the silly things Jingle did during December...

Jingle built a snowman with Mr. Potato Head!

Jingle left us a Merry Christmas message!

Jingle made a Christmas tree with the pattern blocks!

The kids LOVED this and were so excited to find what the elf had done each day when they came in each morning!  There are so many activities that can done with an "Elf on the Shelf" - lots of writing activities, class books, even voting on a class name we did during math! 

I've created a writing *FREEBIE* for you in my TpT store that you can use if you use an "Elf on the Shelf" in your classroom!
Do you use an "Elf on the Shelf" in your classroom??  What are some of your favorite things for your elf to do in the classroom??
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Happy November!!  How did it get to be November already?!?!  I'm linking up with Farley for my November Currently!  This is a fun one to do each month!!
Listening - The Proposal!  We own this movie on DVD so I guess I could actually put it on and watch it, but I'm sitting here with it on tv!!  I LOVE this movie!!  
Loving - Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies!!  I just watched One Starry Christmas tonight and it was soooo cute!!
Thinking - I can't believe it is already November!!!  October flew by!
Wanting - I need to refill my glass of tea!  Anyone else a fan of green tea??  Sooo refreshing!
Needing - I love going to Target after holidays to check out their holiday clearance section!  I usually find stuff for my classroom or other things that I probably don't really need, but buy because it's on clearance!!  haha!
Reading - I'm going to read some other blogs after I post this!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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