Five for FRIDAY!!

Happy FRIDAY!!!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share a few things from my week!  Enjoy!
 I've been really working on open-ended word problems with my students.  This week I decided on a problem that was Earth Day themed.  I was absolutely amazed at their hard work!  This problem is a part of my most recent product on TpT if you want to check it out!
 Wednesday was not only Earth Day, but it was also Administrative Professionals' Day!  I wish I came up with that catchy Reese phrase on my own, but I found it online!!  I did however make the tag using the fabulous Creative Clips clipart and KG fonts!
 Doesn't every blogger need a notebook and pens with their name on it?!?!  I am so pleased with how these turned out!!
I use a Mr. Potato Head in my classroom as a classroom management tool (thank you Pinterest for the idea).  When my kids do great things, they earn a Potato Head piece.  When the Potato Head is all filled up, they get a special treat!  The treat could be pajama day, everyone getting a trip to the prize box, extra recess, etc.  Today was donut day!!  They were excited to have their donut this morning - yummy!!

Be sure to check out my blog post tomorrow to see how I used an AWESOME product from Lawren over at Teaching is a Royal Adventure!  You can also enter to win a copy of it for yourself!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. OK, Heather, where did you get that adorable notebook? It is just so cute!
    Funny to see the Mr. Potato Head idea. I just saw that on Pinterest and thought the idea was great. It's such a great visual!

    Made with Love

    1. Hi Stacy! I got the notebook and pens from Vistaprint!! I really like how they turned out and would definitely recommend if you are looking to get one for yourself! My kids love the Mr. Potato Head in the classroom! Have a great weekend!

  2. Your Reeses poem is adorable and so creative! Your notebook and matching pen set looks great, you are all set for Vegas! I hope you have a great weekend, enjoy it!

    Teach Talk Inspire


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