Five for Friday on Saturday!

Hi Friends!!  I feel like I haven't linked up with a Five for Friday post in forever, so I'm linking up with my Five for Friday post on a Saturday!
I cannot say enough great things about the the Subtraction Bowling activity we did this week!!  My kids seriously asked me every single day if we were bowling during math!  I shared a blog post about it if you want to check it out {here}You can also grab the recording sheet FREEBIE in that blog post!
I shared how I am using that stuffed animal Peep as a spring classroom management tool on Instagram this week!  When friends are "not making a Peep" and doing great work, they get to hold the Peep with them.  Someone had shared this idea with me early in my teaching career and I think it is a great idea to use during spring.  It's nice to change things up and the kids LOVE it!  This friend was working so nicely to tap out words, that they earned the Peep!  According to this student, the Peep was "helping to spell words." :)
Speaking of Peeps, doesn't everyone take their extra Peep candy to school to use for math?!?!  I made this problem for my students to solve this week.  I love using open-ended problems like this one because it really encourages problem solving skills.  They got a Peep treat to eat when they finished solving the problem! 
We started some Earth Day activities this week and next week we are continuing itThey love learning and sharing how to take care of the Earth!  These are some of the books I will be reading.  See any of your favorites in the bunch?!?!  I am also excited to use an activity from my blogging friend, The Kindergarten Connection!  You can check out what we will be making by clicking {here}.
Yum, Yum, and more Yum!!  On Friday my husband and I met my brother for dinner to enjoy some sushi!  It was SO good!  Any other sushi fans out there?!?! 
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!
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