Five for FRIDAY!!

Happy Friday Friends!!  I'm loving the spring like weather we have been having!!  
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching with my Five for Friday post. 

This week's post is going to be Leprechaun Trap themed!  We have been busy planning and designing leprechaun traps in kindergarten this week.  This is one of my FAVORITE lessons to do with the kids!  It is a great STEM project to do with your students!
 We start this lesson by reading The Night Before St. Patrick's Day.  This is a perfect book for leprechaun traps because the characters in the story make leprechaun traps.  We talk all about how the traps in the story would work to catch a leprechaun.
 The next day we look at all of the materials sent in.  We ask for donations from families for different materials.  Most donations are materials that are recyclables such as cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, etc.  We also ask for St. Patrick's Day stickers, foam shapes, green streamers, and anything else that would be good for making a trap.  I had a ton of donations come in!
The next part of the lesson involves the students designing a plan for their trap.  They use labels for their plan.  The chart that I showed above helps them to label their plan for their trap.  I love how creative my students get during the planning part of the lesson!
 Then the fun begins!!!  We work to actually build our leprechaun traps using our plan as a guide.  It is an organized mess and the kids love it!!
For the last part of the lesson they write about how their trap will catch a leprechaun.  We have not done this part just yet because we made those adorable leprechaun directed art drawings from Jennifer over at First Grade Blue Skies today!  We will be doing the writing part of the lesson on Monday.  We also will set our traps out on Monday.  I wonder if anyone will catch a leprechaun?!?!

Have a super weekend!
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