Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites Strategy 3
"When students get out of the classroom and into the real world, critical-thinking skills can improve." (Jenson & Dabney, 2000) 
LOVED that quote in this chapter!!  I love when we go on a field trip and my students make those connections to what we have been learning!  I remember going to the pumpkin patch with my students and one student found a pumpkin flower.  They were so excited because it was something we had read about and they were able to actually see it in person. 
Field Trips

We typically take about 2 field trips per year (one in the fall and one in the spring).  Last school year we went on a trip to the farm and it was such a fantastic, hands on learning experience for the kids.  My students were able to actually touch different animals, visit the milking parlor, go on a tractor ride, and really experience what a real farm was like.  We had been reading and learning about farms and this trip was able to give them real world experience and bring the books to life.  
Schoolyard Field Trips
I also liked how this chapter explained that just taking your students on a walk around the school or schoolyard is an easy way to take a field trip with your students.  Whenever we learn about trees, we take our students around the schoolyard and look for different trees and leaves.  They love this because it is something different than being in the classroom.  
We like to do a "No Child Left Inside" day where we have the kids outside doing activities all dayWe go outside and look at nature and do our learning outdoors for the day.  Some of the activities we do are: drawing/writing about what we see in nature, a nature scavenger hunt, and reading from our book baskets outside.  We always end our day by making The Very Hungry Caterpillar snack with bananas.  I'm not sure where this idea is originally from, but it's great!
Field Trip Writing
I usually try to have my students do some sort of writing activity after our field trip.  I often notice that my students are so excited to write after a field trip.  They want to share their favorite part of the trip or something they learned.
I made a little *FREEBIE* for you to use with your students!  It's writing paper that you can use with your students after a field tripClick the picture to download it!
My School Memories
I know that a lot of my school memories from when I was younger include the field trips we took.  I hope that the students I teach will be able to look back and remember field trips that our class took.
Can't wait to check out the other blogs that linked up for the book study - I am loving all the amazing ideas I am getting from everyone! 
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  1. I love writing about field trips. It's a great way to continue the learning. I think having the kids create a poster or presentation to share what they learned would be another great way to continue the learning process.

    1. Great idea to have the kids make a poster or presentation to share their learning!! I know my kindergarten kids would love making a poster!

  2. The farm field trip looks like a blast!
    Thanks for the field trip writing pages! Field trips are a great way to give every student the background knowledge from which to draw on when writing. I always like to make a copy of these types of reflections to turn into a class book.

    1. My class loves making class books! The writing pages would definitely make a great class book!

  3. I love the idea of "No Child Left Inside!" What a great day full of learning and a chance for the kids to get outside and explore! I would love to bring that idea back to my school! Thank you for the field trip writing pages, they will definitely be put into good use.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Teach Talk Inspire

    1. I hope you can take the "No Child Left Inside" idea back to your school and use it! My kids always have a great time learning outside! Makes for a good change of scenery!


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