Math Talks with a Free Preview!'s so cold outside!!  Who else is thinking warm thoughts?!?!  Here is a warm picture for you:
I wanted to write a blog post about Math Talks because I LOVE using them in my classroom and my kindergarten students also love using them.  My students seriously ask me if they can say the Math Talk or ask me for a Math Talk if I don't give them one to use.  I love that they get so excited about math because math is one of my favorite subjects to teach!
I have been reading Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations book this year and have recently started incorporating math work stations in my classroom.  She talks about using Math Talks during math stations in her book.  They are an easy way to make your students accountable for their learning.  They also keep your students engaged and on task during math stations or partner work.   
Math Talks are super easy to incorporate within your lessons.  They are a speech bubble with the math language you want your students to use during the activity.  You can laminate Math Talks and have your students record on them or you can just simply have it next to your students as a reminder of how they should be talking to their friend during math.  I have used them both ways with my students and found both ways to be successful.  
Here are a few pictures of my students using Math Talks in my classroom:
 In the picture above, this student could use the Math Talk to say, "19 is more than 15."
 You can see that the Math Talk would be great for keeping students on task with the work they are doing.   I love that they are using math vocabulary throughout the activity.
In the above picture, I incorporated the Math Talk right on the activity I had for my students.  There are so many different ways to use Math Talks within your lessons! 
I created a Math Talk Pack and it is for sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Click the image below to check it out!
If you want to try a preview of my Math Talks pack, I've created a preview for my blog followers!  Let me know if you try them with your students!  Click below to grab the free preview!
Math Talk Preview
Do you use Math Talks in your classroom??  If so, I'd love to hear ways you are using them!
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