Happy 100th Day!

"This is the best day ever!"
"I love every holiday, even the 100th day!"
Those were just some of the things my students said about the 100th day of school!!  And...I agree with them!! 
The 100th day of school is one of my favorite days of school!  I love all of the math rotations we do and the kids always love them too!  This year I had my students do a STEM challenge that I will share more about below!  
I set up the tables with a station at each table and then some can be set out on the carpet.  I let the kids start at a station and then they freely rotate as they finish.  
 Take a look at our fun learning for the 100th day!!
Race to 100
My kids LOVE this game!  We played it last week as a math warm-up so they would be familiar with it and ready to play this week for the 100th day!  When I played this game with the class, they made it to 100 before I did which they were thrilled about!  The best part is we wrote a class "How To" book for "How to Play Race to 100" and they will be illustrating the pages!
Paint to 100
I saw this idea somewhere on Instagram I think!  I made this for my students and it was a hit!  Paint + Kindergarten = LOVE!
Stickers to 100 (Counting by tens to 100)
   For this activity, the kids put stickers in each box to 100.  They could then count their rows of 10 up to 100!  So glad I had these stickers saved!!  
Write to 100
 I love how my students always concentrate on this activity!  I give them a mini hundreds chart to look at for some help!
 100th Day Books
I set out my 100th day themed books on the carpet and it is always a popular station!  I love that my students get excited about books!!  During reading, I read 100th Day Worries to my students and then we discussed the details from the beginning, middle, and end of the story.  I had them record on a sticky note and put on a chart.
Stamp to 100
Stamps are kind of like paint - they love them!!  This was one of the first tables to fill up when we started the station rotations!  
Hundreds Chart Mat
I pulled out this hundreds chart mat for the 100th day and put pointers out for them to count with.  Sometimes I have my students play "Race to 100" using this mat which is always fun!
STEM Challenge - Build the tallest tower with 100 marshmallows and 100 toothpicks
 This is something new I tried for the 100th day!  I put my students in teams of 3 and gave them 100 marshmallows and 100 toothpicks in a baggie.  (Yes, I counted them out myself!)  Their challenge was to build the tallest tower using the materials.  I let them explore at first and then brought them together to look at different examples of marshmallow and toothpick towers on the internet.  I told them to see if they needed to make any changes to their tower and I felt like I literally saw a lightbulb come on inside some of my students' heads!  I loved seeing how hard they worked on this challenge.  After they shared their towers, they recorded their tower on a recording sheet!  
Have you had your 100th day of school yet??  What are some of your favorite 100th day of school activities?
Have a wonderful rest of the week!! 
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