Edible Dominoes with a FREEBIE!

So we did one of my all time favorite math lessons in kindergarten yesterday!!  We made EDIBLE DOMINOES!!  I have done this lesson in the past and it is always one of my favorites!
We have been using dominoes to add so the kids were thrilled to make a domino they could eat!
Last week in math, I gave my students a math talk for them to record about the dots on their domino.  We also looked at the book Domino Addition.
This group decided they wanted to hold the math talk up like a speech bubble!!  So cute!

Making an Edible Domino
To make an edible domino you just need Graham crackers (one full cracker for each student), icing, a pretzel stick, and candy pieces (I used m&m's).  I have my students use a popsicle stick to spread the icing and it works really well.  You will also need real dominoes.  I had my students pick their favorite domino and then show that on their edible domino. 

Have your students put the Graham cracker on a plate.  Let them spread icing on the cracker using a popsicle stickHave your students put a pretzel stick in the middle of the cracker.  This way they can put some of their candy pieces on one side and some on the other.  Once your students have made their domino, have them record what it looks like on their recording sheet and complete the addition sentence/number sentence.  And finally...<insert drum roll here>...they get to eat their math!!  The best part!

 Here are some pictures of the work my students did! 

I am including the recording sheet as a FREEBIE for you!!  If you use it, I would love to hear what your students thought of the lesson!  To grab the freebie, click the image below!
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