Frog Decomposing

Decomposing within 5 is one of our pre-k math standards.  There are lots of books that count to five, including Five Green and Speckled Frogs.  This Frog Decomposing math activity is perfect to go along with that text.  Students will put some frogs in the pond and some out of the pond to show ways to break apart five.  It is a great visual for young mathematicians.
To prepare this activity, I just copied enough of the frog pond mat and recording page for my students.  I also made sure that each student had a set of 5 frogs.  Students also need crayons, scissors, and glue to complete the activity.  Then they were ready for some Frog Decomposing.  
Starting the lesson with this book is a great way to begin.  I love using literature during my math lessons.
Students start by cutting apart their 5 frogs.  
Then students decided how many frogs to put in the pond.  In the example below there are 3 frogs in the pond.  
Students then decided how many frogs to put out of the pond.  In the example below there are 2 frogs not in the pond.  
Students have a recording page to complete to tell how many frogs are in the pond and how many are not in the pond.  They can color their page when they finish!
Also included in the download (found below), is a color version of the frog pond mat and five frogs that you can use to model decomposing for students.
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Ready to grab your FREE Frog Decomposing activity?!  Just click the image below to grab your download!
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