Animal Books

We have been busy talking about the different parts of organisms in pre-k and the "What If You Had Animal..." were perfect for teaching about different animal parts to my students.  They were pretty much obsessed with these books.  We would read them in parts and they asked me when we would finish the book!  I created some little books to use during small groups with my students that go along with each book.  They have sight words, predictable text, and a picture to match.  They are great for new readers.
These books are so easy to prepare.  I just printed enough for my small groups.  Then you fold along the horizontal line and then along the vertical line to make into a little book.  When the book is folded there is a cover page and then three pages for students to read.  Preparing these books for your young readers is SO easy!

These are the books included to match each of the "What If You Had Animal..." books.  Within each of the little books students will find animals that are also in the read aloud books.

Ready to grab these FREE little books?!  Just click the image below to grab your FREE download!

Looking for more pre-k sight word books?  Check out these books by clicking the image below.

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