Wordless Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!  I'm linking up with Miss DeCarbo for my "Wordless Wednesday" picture!

Here is my picture...
 That is a picture of the GoNoodle website!  I have just recently started using it with my students and definitely have had the "Why didn't I start using this earlier?!?!" moments many times!  

My students LOVE it!  I love that the videos are quick and engaging for the kids.  

I am a newbie to GoNoodle so my question for you is: 
Do you use GoNoodle with your students?  Do you have any tips/suggestions/favorite videos you use with your students to share? 

So that was two questions, but I can't wait to read your responses!! 
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  1. I love Go Noodle. My kids will ask if we can have a brain break. We love Shake Yo Foot!! Dinsosaur Stomp is another good one! You really can't go wrong!!


  2. My students loooove GoNoodle and have a lot of favorites. They have a blast doing Dino Stomp and Rollercoaster and have started to really enjoy Pop See Ko too. I use it as a behavior reward. If the whole class remains on task during an activity we get a "GoNoodle checkmark." If we get three checks then we get to play a video. The kids love it!


  3. We love Go Noodle! My kiddos beg to do it. So it is a real motivator to get them to work quietly and complete everything. Their favorite right now is "Pop See Ko". They also have recess mixes that range from 7-16 minutes for those days when you can't go outside. They are awesome because you don't have to keep starting videos over.

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