Sunday Scoop!

So my friend had a painting night at her house last night and this is my masterpiece...
So maybe not a masterpiece, but I think it turned out pretty good!!  I don't know if a museum is quite ready for my artwork, but I'm thinking it's ready to be displayed in my classroom!  I'm definitely going to take it in to show my kindergarten students.  I think they will LOVE it!
I'm so excited to link back up with Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop!  I haven't done this one since early in December.  December was a super busy month!
Here is my Sunday Scoop! 
 3 things I have to do:
*I printed my plans and then decided to do this post so they are still sitting in the printer just waiting for me!  I really have to get up and get them! 
*I like to figure out what I am wearing the day before because it helps save me time in the morning.  My husband even irons for me if something needs ironing!!  
*I have to fold laundry and wash some clothes!  Laundry is NEVER-ENDING!!!! 

2 things I hope to do:
*I hope to pin some new ideas on Pinterest!  I love all the great ideas people share on Pinterest!  
*I am hoping to look more at GoNoodle!  I see so many great things about it on different blogs and I think my kids would love it!  Anyone else use it??  

1 thing I'm happy to do:
*We are going to watch the Broncos game with my family!  Now that the Ravens are out (so sad!), I'll root for the Broncos!  

Hope everyone has a super week!
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