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Hi Friends!  I'm linking up today with the Holidays Around The Blog Linky hosted by Amy and Julie!  There are a lot of great bloggers who have already linked up to share things they do in their classrooms during the holidays!
Last year I bought an "Elf on the Shelf" for my classroom after seeing all the fun things that other teachers were doing in their classroom with it.  I was a little late buying it last year, but this year I hope to introduce it right after Thanksgiving break!
A lot of you are probably already familiar with "Elf on the Shelf," but it comes with a really cute book and the kids know they can't touch the elf!  A lot of my students were familiar with it because they had one at their house too!
Our class elf arrived like this...

Our class elf looked like this when we opened the box (since I'm a football fan, our elf had a jersey!)...
We voted on a name for our class elf and in the end Jingle it was!  Here are some of the silly things Jingle did during December...

Jingle built a snowman with Mr. Potato Head!

Jingle left us a Merry Christmas message!

Jingle made a Christmas tree with the pattern blocks!

The kids LOVED this and were so excited to find what the elf had done each day when they came in each morning!  There are so many activities that can done with an "Elf on the Shelf" - lots of writing activities, class books, even voting on a class name we did during math! 

I've created a writing *FREEBIE* for you in my TpT store that you can use if you use an "Elf on the Shelf" in your classroom!
Do you use an "Elf on the Shelf" in your classroom??  What are some of your favorite things for your elf to do in the classroom??
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  1. I did the elf for the first time last year and my kiddos loved it. I had wrapped the box in the brown paper and put it in the freezer overnight then took it to school and put it in the freezer. The school secretary called after about an hour and said we had a special delivery and to send someone to the office. She had already taken the box to the office and then handed it off to my student to bring back to class. They were so excited and everyone had to feel the box. It was so cute and really helped add to our experience. Have fun with your elf.

    Luv my Kinders

  2. Thanks for linking up with us Heather!
    xoxo, Amy


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