Sunday Scoop!!

I'm excited to be linking back up with Teaching Trio for my Sunday Scoop post!!  I missed last week because we were busy having an "Oktoberfest" celebration!  It was a lot of fun!!  I made a banner and photo booth props for it.  I love a good themed party!!
3 things I have to do...
*I have to read my Math Stations book!  I have a few chapters to read.  I posted about this in my Five for Friday post.  I'm excited to get some new ideas!!
*I have to do some cleaning - straighten up a few things, laundry, etc.
*I have to check my Fantasy Football team!!  Need to make sure my team looks good for the week!!!

2 things I hope to do...
*Watch the Baltimore Ravens WIN makes it on the Sunday Scoop again!!!  Hoping for a WIN today!!
*Watch Cristela and Shark Tank that I recorded on Friday!  Cristela is a new show that looks hilarious!  Shark Tank is a show that I have just recently become obsessed with!!  I love it!

1 thing I'm happy to do...
*My Sunday Scoop!!  Happy to be linking up again this week!! 

Have a super week!!

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