iPad App - Number Rack

It's time for Technology Thursday with Teaching Trio!!  This week's topic is sharing an app that you love to use with your students.  
You may have already heard of this app, but it is the Number Rack, by The Math Learning Center.  And......it's FREE!!! 
From reading different blogs, I see that a lot of teachers love using Rekenreks in their classroom.  I also LOVE using them!  There are SO many things you can do with them and the kids LOVE them!  This app allows you to use a digital Rekenrek.  I like to stick with the two rows of beads to make it look like the Rekenreks the kids are using, but you can also add more rows of beads when using the app.
Just like the app says, Rekenreks are so great for allowing your students to see in groups of 5 and 10.  They are also great because your kiddos can actually move the beads one at a time or in groups.
Here is a picture of a student using a Rekenrek in my classroom...
Be sure to link-up and share one of your favorite apps to use in the classroom!
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