Counting Ice Cream

This Counting Ice Cream digital resource is a fun and yummy way to practice counting one-to-one.  Young learners can practice one-to-one counting with numbers 1-20.  Your students will have fun "scooping" ice cream on the cone.  It's the perfect treat to work on counting skills with your students or your own little ones at home.

For this digital resource, you are going to want to make a copy, when prompted (the link to make a copy is found in the FREE download below).  When you make a copy, it will save to your Google Drive.  

After making a copy, you will want to make sure you are not viewing in present mode.  You just want the students to have the slides.  They will not be able to manipulate the ice cream scoops if you are actually trying to view the slideshow.  

There are 21 slides in the slideshow.  One slide has the directions and the rest are the slides for students to work in.  

Students look at the number on the ice cream counter.  In the example below, the student sees the number 5 on the ice cream counter.

The student "scoops" (drags) 5 ice cream scoops onto the cone.  Students can count, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" as they are counting each scoop.  

In the example below, the student sees the number 16 on the ice cream counter.  

The student can count 10 on the first ice cream cone and 6 on the second ice cream cone.  This is also a great way for students to recognize the concept of "ten and some more." 

Students work through all of the slides in the slideshow to practice with one-to-one counting using ice cream scoops.

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Ready to grab your FREE Counting Ice Cream digital resource?!  Just click the image below to download!

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