Flower Garden Letter Match

Many of us are currently finding ways to teach online during distance learning.  This Flower Garden Letter Match is a fun way for your students to practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters.  This resource is a digital resource that your students can use in Google Slides.  They will "pick" the lowercase flower with the letter that matches the uppercase letter.  It's perfect for spring!

For this digital resource, you are going to want to make a copy, when prompted (the link to make a copy is in the FREE download found below).  When you make a copy, it will save to your Google Drive.  

After making a copy for your drive you will want to make sure you are not viewing in present mode.  You just want students to have the slides.  They will not be able to manipulate the letters if you are actually trying to view the slideshow.  

Students will see a screen similar to the one below.  They are to move the lowercase letter that matches the uppercase letter next to it.  In this example, students would see an uppercase letter A.  They see the lowercase letters in the flowers and should pick the lowercase letter a to match the uppercase letter A.
If students pick the correct flower, there is a check mark under that choice so they can see they have picked the correct matching letter.

 In the example below, students see an uppercase letter H.  They must look for the matching lowercase letter h.  They choose from p, h, or m.

Again, when the student moves the right letter there will be a check behind that letter to show they are correct.

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Ready to grab your FREE Flower Garden Letter Match digital resource?!  Just click the image below and you will find the directions for making a copy of this for your Google Drive.  Have fun!

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