Emoji Counting

What is your favorite emoji?  I love the heart eyes and the laughing face ones.  Those are probably the two that I use the most.  This Emoji Counting activity will have your students counting using emoji erasers.  It helps work with numbers 1-10 and 1-20.  The Emoji Counting mat is also differentiated so you can meet the needs of the learners in your class.

This activity is easy to prepare.  I found my emoji erasers from Five Below, but it looks like you can also find them on Amazon.  The emoji counting mats (free download found below) include mats for ten frames 1-10, numbers 1-10, and numbers 1-20.  There are also color and black and white versions included in the download.  I like printing the black and white version on yellow cardstock because it reminds me of emoji colors.  Laminating the mats is a good idea for durability.  In addition to the emoji erasers for counting, I also grabbed a pencil and paper clip for the spinner.  Then we were ready for some Emoji Counting fun!

To start, students first spun the spinner.  They looked at what the spinner landed on.  In the picture below, the spinner landed on the ten frame representing 6.

The student then counted out 6 emoji erasers.

Also included in the free download is a spinner with the numbers 1-10 on it.  This student spun the number 3.

They counted out 3 emoji erasers on their Emoji Counting mat.

If your students are ready to work with numbers 1-20, there is also a spinner for numbers 1-20.  In the picture below, the spinner landed on the number 14.

The student counted out 14 emoji erasers.  They can also see that one group of 10 and 4 extra erasers is 14.  

Students continued spinning the spinner and counting emoji erasers until their time was finished.  
This activity is perfect to use during small math groups, partner work, or at a math station.

Ready for some Emoji Counting fun?!  Just click the image below to grab your FREE download!

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