Carrot Roll and Write

I just recently purchased the book Creepy Carrots.  I had seen a lot of posts about the book on Instagram and thought I needed my own copy (#instagrammademedoit)!!  This Carrot Roll and Write activity is an engaging way for your young math learners to practice counting and writing numbers.  It's a fun resource to go along with the Creepy Carrots book.  

This activity is super easy to prepare!  I just grabbed the Carrot Roll and Write board (free download found below), a dry erase marker and eraser, and two dot cubes.  I recommend laminating the board so that students can use a dry erase marker on it.  Then we were ready for some Carrot Roll and Write fun!

To start, students first rolled the two dot cubes.  In the example below the student rolled a two and a one.  The student then counted all of the dots on the dot cubes.  

Students then wrote the number to match the total number of dots in the first carrot.  Since two and one is three, the student wrote the number 3 in the first carrot.  

Students continued rolling the dot cubes and recording the number to match on each turn.

The students worked to fill in numbers on all of the carrots.  Once students filled in all of the carrots, they could erase all of the numbers and repeat the same process again!

This game could be easily differentiated based on the needs of your students by having students use one dot cube instead of two.  This is a great addition to a math station.  

Ready for some Carrot Roll and Write fun?!  Just click the image below to grab your FREE download!

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