Making Ten

Making ten is an important skill for my kindergarten students.  This Making 10 mat is the perfect, hands-on way for my students to practice making ten.  
To prepare this activity I first printed the Making 10 mat on white cardstock.  I laminated the boards for durability and because my students would be using a dry erase marker on the mat.  

I also grabbed a small container filled with 10 red and yellow counting chips and a dry erase marker and eraser.  I like to use the little plastic containers from the Dollar Tree.  They are perfect for holding the counting chips and shaking and spilling activities.  

For this activity my students first had to shake the container with the ten counting chips.  Then they spilled the counting chips.  They sorted the counting chips by reds and yellows onto the ten frame.  This allowed my students to easily see the combination to make ten.  Then my students recorded the equation that made ten on their mat.  

In the example below, this student spilled out 5 red counting chips and 5 yellow counting chips.  They recorded 5+5=10 in the equation box.  

In this example, the student spilled out 7 red counting chips and 3 yellow counting chips.  They recorded 7+3=10 in the equation box.

My students continued shaking and spilling to show ways to make ten using the counting chips.

This is great for small group work or for a math station in your classroom.    

Ready for some Making 10 fun?!  Just click the image below to grab your FREE download!
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