Sports Themed Clip Cards

I always enjoy watching the Olympics!  The Summer Olympics in Rio begin August 5th and I'm excited to watch the different events!  Some of my favorites are Beach Volleyball, Gymnastics, and Diving.  
I created some clip cards that have a sports theme.  These would be great to use when returning back to school or to use with your own kids at home when watching the Summer Olympics. 
I love clip cards because they are not only fun, but also help with fine motor skills.  These clip cards focus on sets 1-20.  Just cut out the cards and kids clip the number that matches the set.  I would suggest laminating the cards for durability.

 These would be a fun math warm-up and would be perfect for a math station. 
I have also included an answer key for students to check their work!  
To download your FREE set of sports themed clip cards, just click the image below!
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