Using PEEPS for Behavior Management

If you are anything like me, you like to change up your behavior management system every so often in your classroom.  I think this helps to keep kids motivated toward their goal of being the best student they can be.  My entire school uses the clip/card system for behavior management.  However, I also use other tricks for management in my classroom such as a Mr. Potato Head, building a snowman, my prize box, and using a PEEPS plush toy.
Around spring, I like to pull out my PEEPS plush toys.  I have a bunny PEEP and a chick PEEP.  I tell my students that if they aren't making a PEEP or if they have good listening EARS they get to hold the PEEP.  The PEEPS toys are super soft so they almost cuddle with it.  It's the cutest thing!  
I posted a picture on Instagram of some bunny PEEPS that I found at my favorite store, Target!! 
There seemed to be a lot of interest in using them in the classroom, so I made some cards that you can give your students when they get to hold the PEEP.  This is a great way of communicating positive behavior because they can take the card home and share about being a great listener at school with their family.
I included 3 different choices of cards that you could use and I also included color and black and white versions of the cards.  That way you could print the black and white versions on pretty spring colored paper.  
Just click the image below to grab your FREE cards!
What are your favorite classroom behavior management tips and tricks to use in your classroom???
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