Jelly Bean Graphing

Have you ever had Starburst jelly beans?!?!  They are my favorite!  Jelly beans make a fun math manipulative during spring.  They also make a tasty treat!
I made a jelly bean graphing math resource to use with my students.  This math activity is meant to be used with Starburst jelly beans or any other pack of jelly beans that has 6 different colors in it.  I am going to spread each activity out over the week so that by the end of the week, my students have a packet of jelly bean graphing math activities that they can take home and share with their families. 
Day 1
On the first day, I will give my students a cup of jelly beans to graph.  I like to leave the jelly bean blank.  This way they can put the jelly beans on the graph in any order they want by their color.  Then they color the jelly bean that they put in that row.  We will share their graphs after they finish.  
Day 2
On the second day of this activity, my students are going to use their graph to record how many of each jelly bean they have.  This will help with the next day's activity when they compare the number of each color of jelly bean.  
Day 3
I came up with a set of three questions for my students to answer about their graph.  They will tell which color was greater, less, and if any colors were equal.  
Day 4 
 On the last day, I am going to have my students write about their graph.  This is where they can write in complete sentences about how many jelly beans they have and which is greater/less/equal.  It is so important to have your students write across different subject areas.  I love to include writing about math whenever I can.
I've also included jelly bean color cards for your students to reference while writing and a cover for the pack of activities they will be doing.  
If you want to try this with your students, just click the image to grab your FREE Jelly Bean Graphing pack!!
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