Halloween Treats!

Do you give your teammates gifts??  I love giving my team holiday gifts.  The Target Dollar Spot always has the cutest tin buckets that make for the best gifts.  I picked up some jack-o-lantern buckets and some Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pumpkins (those things are sooooo good).  I made some gift tag labels and added them to the bucket.  Can't wait to give them to my amazing team!! 
 Just as a little TREAT, you can click the image to download the gift tags for FREE!  
Also, I had posted on Instagram a poster with four sentences.  Before we start our calendar, we say these four sentences.  It's a great reminder for my students to do their best and have a great day!  
As another TREAT for you, just click the picture to download!
Looking for a fun game for the 50th Day of School or just a fun game to practice numbers 1-50???  This "Race to 50" game is just what you need!  Students start their playing pieces on the girl holding the milkshake.  They take turns rolling and moving that many spaces on the board.  They have to tell their partner what number they land on.  You could easily differentiate this by giving students different cubes to roll - one dot cube, two dot cubes (to combine dots), a numeral cube, etc.  
 Click the image to download this TREAT!
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