Currently October

So I'm only a few days into October and FINALLY linking up with Farley for my Currently post!
First of all...who is with me on this one?!?!  Happy Pumpkin Spice Season for sure!!  I just picked up more Pumpkin Granola from Target - so good!!  You can grab this freebie image over at Jumping Jax Designs and I just love it!  Definitely planning to print and frame!

 Here is my Currently:
Listening: I was listening to the news when I first started typing!  Glad to hear the weather is supposed to be so nice this week!!
Loving: We had the most beautiful fall day today!  I just love the fall weather! 
Thinking: So I have been slowing adding the games and activities we have done during math to math station baskets and last Friday I introduced how we would do math stations.  My kids are rockin' math stations!!!
Wanting: It's Monday which means Dancing with the Stars!  Any other DWTS fans out there?!?!
Needing: I really need to put away laundry, but I'm definitely sitting on the couch typing this post...oops!
Boo-tiful: I love painting my nails or using Jamberry Nails!
Can't wait to check out some of the other Currently posts!!!  Have a wonderful week friends!!
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