Math Chat Posters

I recently shared a picture of a math chat poster that I used with my students on Instagram and many of you had a lot of interest in using it with your students.  These math chat posters are a great way to incorporate math, reading, and writing skills within your classroom.  They are great for number sense math warm-ups and also practice speaking and listening skills with your young mathematicians.

I typically glue the math chat poster on my piece of chart paper.  Then I ask students to share which picture they can count for us.  In the example below, I would ask the friend called on if they wanted to count the leaves, pinecones, squirrels, owls, or apples.  

The first friend decided to count the leaves - "1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  I see 5 leaves."  I also always try to ask my students, "How many?" after they count so they are really showing an understanding of quantity.  

I write the sentence that matches what the student says.  

I also like to draw a dot arrangement under the number.  This way students are seeing the picture representation of the number in the poster, the numeral representation, and the dot representation.  Seeing numbers in multiple ways helps build number sense in our youngest math learners.  

We repeat until all pictures on the poster have been counted.  

Included in your FREE download of Math Chat Posters are 3 posters - apple themed, leaf themed, and fall themed.  Please tag me on Instagram if you use them with your students!

Click the image below to grab your FREE Math Chat Posters download!
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