School Spin and Graph

Will it be the backpack, books, bus, or pencil that reaches the top of the graph first?!  This School Spin and Graph is a fun way for students to practice graphing, counting, and comparing all in one simple activity.  It's perfect to use for back to school time at a math station.  

To prepare this activity I first printed the School Spin and Graph mat (download found below) on white cardstock.  There is also a black and white version included in the download that could be printed on colored cardstock.  I grabbed a pencil and paper clip for the spinner and some blue gems.  The gems can be found at the Dollar Tree.  You could use any manipulative of choice for this mat.  I have used pom poms and tweezers, unifix cubes, etc.  Playdough balls would be fun and great fine motor practice as well.  We were then ready for some School Spin and Graph fun!

To begin students first spun the spinner.  There is a backpack, books, bus, and pencil image on the spinner that matches the images on the graph.  In the example below the spinner landed on the backpack.  

The student marked a backpack with a gem on the graph.

The student then spun the spinner again, this time landing on the pencil.  

The student used a blue gem to mark the pencil on the graph.  The student noticed that there was one blue gem on the backpack and one blue gem on the pencil.  

Students continued spinning the spinner and graphing.

Once one of the pictures from the spinner reached the top first, the game was finished.  The students then compared the different amounts on the graph noticing comparisons such as...

"There are more for the bus than the books." 
"There are less for the pencil than the backpack."
"The bus has 6 blue gems"

This is a fun independent or partner game to play.  Once students are familiar with the game, it could be added to a math station for more practice.  

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Click the image below to download your FREE School Spin and Graph mat!

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