Butterfly Number Bond

I love mini erasers from Target!  Do you have the butterfly mini erasers?!  This Butterfly Number Bond is perfect to use with the butterfly mini erasers.  It's fun for spring and helps your young math learners work on decomposing numbers.  

To prepare this activity I printed the Butterfly Number Bond mat (free download found below) on white cardstock.  I would recommend laminating the mat for durability.  

I also grabbed my collection of butterfly mini erasers to use for the manipulatives. 

I grabbed a pencil and clip for the spinner.  We were ready for some Butterfly Number Bond fun!
To start, students first spun the 6-10 spinner.  The number the spinner landed on told the students how many butterfly erasers to count out on the number bond.  In the example below the spinner landed on the number 7.  The students counted 7 butterfly erasers into the top circle of the number bond.   

Then students were ready to decompose 7 into two groups.  I always remind my students that decompose means to break apart.  

In the example below, the student decomposed 7 into 4 and 3.  They put 4 butterflies in one circle and 3 butterflies in the other circle.  

The student decomposed 7 into 6 and 1 in the example below by putting 6 butterflies in one circle and 1 butterfly in the other circle.  

In this example the student decomposed 7 by putting 5 butterflies in one circle and 2 butterflies in the other circle.   

The students continued spinning and decomposing using the butterfly mini erasers.  This activity is great for small group work, independent work, or partner work.  It's a great addition to a math station.  

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Ready for some Butterfly Number Bond fun?!  Just click the image below to grab your FREE download!

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