Presidents Day Game

Presidents Day is just one of the many celebrations in February.  My team and I like to teach about presidents and American symbols together and my kindergarten students always seem to enjoy learning about these two concepts.  One of my students even said, "I wonder if we are going to learn when he was born" (referring to learning about Barack Obama).  I love that they are so interested in learning about presidents.  

I created a "Race to the White House" game for my students to use during math as a math warm-up.  I thought it would be a fun way to connect our Social Studies unit to math. 
To play this game students will need the following materials:
*Race to the White House game board
 *2 dot cubes or number cubes
*2 playing pieces
To play this game I had my students take turns rolling two dot cubes.  They had to add the dots together, say the addition number sentence to their partner, and then they moved that many spaces on the board.  The first person to the White House was the winner.
My students loved this Presidents Day game and were so excited when they reached the White House.  They even were saying that their president made it to the White House.  It was the cutest!
If you want to grab this game to use with your students, just click the image below to grab your "Race to the White House" Presidents Day FREEBIE!
Are you looking for more Presidents Day resources? 
These are some of the books I like to use with my students to teach about the presidents. 
And here are some other Presidents Day resources you might be interested in:
I used this with my students last year and took pictures of my students as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.  They were adorable and it makes a cute picture to send home to families.  The original idea is from Lakeshore Learning.
Presidents Day Masks
 Suzanne, from Kindergarten Planet, has a wonderful Presidents Day Directed Drawing FREEBIE in her Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Directed drawings are so much fun and I think they really help students build their skills as artists.  

 Deanna Jump, from Mrs. Jump's Class, has a great George Washington emergent reader to use with your students.  It's a FREEBIE on her blog.

 Jennifer, from Simply Kinder, has compiled a great post with Presidents Day videos for kids.  Lots of choices to use with your students.
Presidents Day Videos
I thought this was a powerful quote from Abraham Lincoln about education:
What are some of your favorite Presidents Day activities? 
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