Santa List Writing

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  I love all things Christmas and I know my students are excited about Christmas! 
I recently had my students share what they wanted for Christmas and give reasons for why they should get that gift.  One of my students said that he wanted a vacuum cleaner!!!  I emailed his mom and she said that he wants a real vacuum cleaner!  I just think that is the cutest!  
I decided to put a "My List for Santa" paper out at a reading center because I just knew my kids would go crazy for it.  I love activities where they are doing work, but don't realize they are doing work.  This is one of those activities because they think they are just writing a list to Santa, but little do they know, they have to sound out words, write their list, and draw a little picture next to their word.  Lots of work in one little activity and they LOVE it!  
The great part about this writing paper is you can use it with your students AND you could also use it with your own kids!  Just click the image to download.  Happy Holidays!
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