Must Read Monday - Holiday Books

I love children's picture books!  I have so many in my classroom, but you can NEVER have too many picture books!  
I'm excited to join The Kindergarten Connection and Kindergarten Planet for their Must Read Monday linkup.  This week we are sharing all about our favorite holiday books to read in the classroom.  
Here are some of my favorites!
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Too Many Pumpkins is one of my favorite books to read in October.  Rebecca Estelle hates pumpkins and does everything she can to avoid growing them.  However, one day a pumpkin spill happens and pumpkins smash everywhere!  Well...soon enough pumpkins are growing in her yard!  What will Rebecca Estelle do with too many pumpkins?!
 Don't Forget, God Bless Our Troops is a great book to read for Veterans Day.  I think it is so important to teach our young students about different holidays and this is a great book to go along with your Veterans Day teaching.  The character in the book, Natalie, has a dad who is overseasThe book discusses how brave she is while her dad is away.  This book is a perfect read for any child with a parent or family member in the military.
I LOVE this book!!  Mrs. Moose wants a turkey for Thanksgiving so Mr. Moose goes out to look for one.  He meets his other animal friends along the way.  When they finally find a turkey, they manage to bring the turkey home for Thanksgiving.  Will this turkey be cooked?!
  This is such a cute book about Santa trying to change his appearance throughout the book so that he is "new and improved."  Will Santa stick with his "new and improved" look or go back to the original Santa?!
My students always enjoy listening to this story in December.  The oldest sister in the book gets a magic frying pan from a woman in the woods that is supposed to cook latkes.  The trick is that you have to say magic words before cooking.  Will the siblings listen when she tells them not to touch the magic frying pan?!
Martin's Big Words is a great book about Martin Luther King, Jr. to read to young learners.  I love the pictures in this book and your students will enjoy learning information about Martin Luther King, Jr. with this book.
 There are so many cute Groundhog Day stories and this is one of my favorites.  Greta and Gregory are twins and both want to forecast the weather with their shadow, however Gregory ends up getting picked to do it.  What will happen when Gregory loses his glasses when he is supposed to come out to see his shadow?!
Everyone's favorite mice, Clayton and Desmond, are back and this time they have to make the biggest Valentine.  In this book the mice start working together and then decide to make their own Valentines after an argument.  Will they realize that working together is a better option?!
I love a good Jan Brett book.  Her illustrations are just amazing!  Hoppi is trying to decorate the best Easter egg so that he can deliver eggs with the Easter bunny.  Hoppi visits his friends along the way to find the perfect egg, but gets discouraged because he can't think of an egg for the Easter bunny.  What will Hoppi do when he finds a robin's egg?!
A leprechaun is on the loose and Sidney is the only one who can see him!  Sidney tries everything he can to catch the leprechaun.  What will happen when Sidney finally catches him?!
It's April Fools' Day on the Farm and the grandkids are doing everything they can to trick grandpa, but he just won't fall for any of their tricks!  Will they ever play an April Fools' joke on him?!
Join Michael Recycle on his adventure to help a town in need of some cleaning and recycling!  Such a cute read for Earth Day and I love the tips for "Going Green" at the end of the book!
Hopefully you were able to find some new books for your classroom!  Linkup with your favorites! 
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