Dare to Dream!

Time for Week 2 of the TpT Seller Challenge!  This week the focus is "Dare to Dream."
And this was our challenge:
Thanks again to these wonderful ladies for hosting this challenge!!! 
I started my blog last July.  That means I'm coming up on my one year Blogiversary - sounds like a reason to celebrate to me!  I had actually talked about doing a blog for years, but just had never done it.  After some encouragement from my family, I just dove right in and started blogging, TpT, Instagram, and Pinterest.  I just started my Recipe for Teaching Facebook a few months ago.  When I made my first sale on TpT, I was so excited that someone wanted to use my product with their students.  I think TpT is awesome and I feel like I talk about it all the time!  My kindergarten team even nicknamed me, "TpT," since I'm always creating things!!  haha!  I love doing it though and don't look at it as work.  To me it is fun!
So I'm sharing some of my dreams with you today:
Create quality TpT products
I really want to create quality, purposeful, and useful products on TpT.  I create products that I am using with my students and I hope that other teachers can use them with their students.  I am honestly flattered and so appreciative to those who have followed, purchased, or downloaded from my store.  Thank you for your support!

Host a Maryland blogger meet-up
I have seen soooooo many blogger meet-up posts on Instagram or on blogs and I want to have a Maryland blogger meet-up!!  I've already been able to connect with other Maryland bloggers through Instagram and we need a Maryland blogger meet-up!!  Which of my Maryland blogging friends are in?!?Any other Maryland bloggers out there?!?!
http://positivelylearning.blogspot.com/ http://kinderdragons.blogspot.com/
  http://ocbeachteacher.blogspot.com/Techie Turtle Teacher 
Inspire others
Whether it is through a blog post, TpT product, Instagram post, Facebook post, etc., my dream is to inspire other teachers.  I am so inspired by all of the teachers I follow and have connected with in the blogging community.  You all are wonderful!  My hope and dream is that I can inspire others as well. 
Can't wait to check out some of the bloggers who linked up to share their dreams! 
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  1. As a blogger, you touch so many people that you may never know. I had a co-worker tell me a compliment someone from another district gave me and that's all accomplished through blogging! You never know who's reading : )

    For the Love of First Grade

  2. It's so wonderful to create something that not only YOU can use with your students, but that others can use as well! I'm so thankful for this TpT community!! <3

    Kayla of My Special Learners

  3. A blogger meet up sounds like fun! I met techie turtle last summer and we had a great time!

  4. Hosting a blogger meet-up sounds like so much fun! I met tons of bloggers in Vegas last year, but I think meeting ones that live near-by would be awesome. Good luck :-)


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