Dare to Dream!

Time for Week 2 of the TpT Seller Challenge!  This week the focus is "Dare to Dream."
And this was our challenge:
Thanks again to these wonderful ladies for hosting this challenge!!! 
I started my blog last July.  That means I'm coming up on my one year Blogiversary - sounds like a reason to celebrate to me!  I had actually talked about doing a blog for years, but just had never done it.  After some encouragement from my family, I just dove right in and started blogging, TpT, Instagram, and Pinterest.  I just started my Recipe for Teaching Facebook a few months ago.  When I made my first sale on TpT, I was so excited that someone wanted to use my product with their students.  I think TpT is awesome and I feel like I talk about it all the time!  My kindergarten team even nicknamed me, "TpT," since I'm always creating things!!  haha!  I love doing it though and don't look at it as work.  To me it is fun!
So I'm sharing some of my dreams with you today:
Create quality TpT products
I really want to create quality, purposeful, and useful products on TpT.  I create products that I am using with my students and I hope that other teachers can use them with their students.  I am honestly flattered and so appreciative to those who have followed, purchased, or downloaded from my store.  Thank you for your support!

Host a Maryland blogger meet-up
I have seen soooooo many blogger meet-up posts on Instagram or on blogs and I want to have a Maryland blogger meet-up!!  I've already been able to connect with other Maryland bloggers through Instagram and we need a Maryland blogger meet-up!!  Which of my Maryland blogging friends are in?!?Any other Maryland bloggers out there?!?!
http://positivelylearning.blogspot.com/ http://kinderdragons.blogspot.com/
  http://ocbeachteacher.blogspot.com/Techie Turtle Teacher 
Inspire others
Whether it is through a blog post, TpT product, Instagram post, Facebook post, etc., my dream is to inspire other teachers.  I am so inspired by all of the teachers I follow and have connected with in the blogging community.  You all are wonderful!  My hope and dream is that I can inspire others as well. 
Can't wait to check out some of the bloggers who linked up to share their dreams! 
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