Subtraction Stories in Kindergarten

Happy Weekend!  Just wanted to share with you some of the amazing math work we have been doing in kindergarten!
We have been really working on addition and subtraction!  I try to teach them how closely related addition and subtraction are.  Addition always seems to be a skill the kids get quickly.  Subtraction always seems to be a little more tricky.  I think part of it is the concept of taking away because let's be 5 and 6 years old, what kid wants anything taken away from them!!  They want MORE, not LESS!!  
 Well we have been working super hard on our subtraction and this week we used a resource from Navigating through Problem Solving and Reasoning
We used the Teddy Bear Park work-mat to tell subtraction stories about bears in the park.
Earlier in the week, we sat around our carpet and I modeled telling subtraction story problems while my kindergarten friends used the bears to solve the problem.  They LOVED it!!  I had kids telling me this was "So fun!" and asking "Are we going to do this again tomorrow?"  Sometimes I have to remember simple is best because look how simple this activity is!
The next day I let them practice telling subtraction stories to a friend using the work-mat and the bears.  As the week went on, we made a chart of all the places the bears could start off at in the park.  Then I modeled writing a subtraction story.
I had my students work to write their own subtraction stories using the work-mat and the bear manipulatives.  They recorded their story in their Notebook of Learning.  
*I think I have mentioned before on my blog that our Notebook of Learning is one composition book that we use for ALL subjects.  Seriously, it's amazing!  ONE notebook for all subjects!  So much easier than trying to manage a different notebook for each subject.  I highly recommend it!
Check out their awesome work!! 
I hope I have inspired you to try something like this with your students if you haven't already!!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
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