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So I am loving all of these blog link-ups and I am enjoying reading about other bloggers so I am going to participate too!  Some of this information was on my other link-up blog post, but a lot of it is new!

Here is a little more about some of my favorites...

I seriously love this store!  Their dollar section usually has the best things and I always find something for my classroom.  My family thinks that I go to Target every day and they might just be right!!  (But I would never admit that hahahaha!)


 I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!  Christmas is such a magical holiday!!  This year we had an "Elf on the Shelf" visit our classroom!  SO.MUCH.FUN!  The kids voted for a name and they voted for Jingle.  Look at what Jingle did with the pattern blocks in that picture!! 

Macaroni and Cheese
I love macaroni and cheese!  This was a seafood mac and cheese with crab in it...are you drooling yet??!?!  Seriously SO delicious!  I love trying mac and cheese from different restaurants because they are usually all so different!  

Leprechaun Traps
We do this lesson every year with the kids when St. Patrick's Day rolls around and every year I love it more and more!  It is such an awesome lesson - there is a design process involved, writing/drawing/labeling the trap, writing how their trap will catch a leprechaun, math is involved because we have them tell how many of each item they used, and more writing after to tell what happened with their traps.  Look at all that learning and fun happening at the same time!!  Exactly why it is my favorite lesson to do!  

The Hello, Goodbye Window
I LOVE this book!!  I pretty much cry every time I read it!  I usually save this book to read when we have Grandparent's Day at school and it is an absolutely perfect Grandparent's Day book.  Definitely worth buying for your classroom library collection if you don't already own it!    

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