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Read Across America Day is March 2nd and my school is celebrating all week long with some fun Dr. Seuss inspired activities!  I love this week and we always have such a fun time reading Dr. Seuss books.  The kids always love hearing them and they love the silly rhyming words that are included in his books.
My plan for the week is to read a Dr. Seuss book during math and we are going to do a math lesson related to that book.  Here are some of the Dr. Seuss inspired activities we are planning for our Read Across America Celebration.
Fox in Socks
After reading this book, I am going to give my students a paper sock to cut out and color.  They can color it red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple.  After they cut out and color their sock, they are going to bring it over to the carpet where we will create a graph on the carpet by sock color.  
We are going to:
 *count how many socks are colored each color
*tell which color is greater
*tell which color is less
*combine two sock colors to create addition equations
*tell how many more to make two sock colors equal
So much math discussion in this math activity!  
What Pet Should I Get?
 After reading this book, I am going have my students collect some data about what pet their friends would want to have.  My students will ask seven friends the question: What pet would you like to have?  The choices on the graph are cat, dog, bird, or fish.  They will ask their friend and then color their choice on the graph.  At the bottom of the graph there are pictures of 7 kids so when they ask a friend, they color a kid's face.  Whenever I have used these types of graphs with my students, I always remind them they should have 7 boxes colored on their graph in the end.  I also have a recording sheet for students to share their data.
Ten Apples Up on Top!
I am going to read this book and then have my students glue their picture on a sentence strip facing in a vertical direction.  They will then put some red and some green apples up on top of their picture.  After that they will record an addition equation to show how many red and how many green apples they put up on top of their picture.  
*You could have students use all ten apples for ways to show ten with red and green apples OR you could have students decide how many apples they want on top, but some still need to be red and some need to be green.   
 Green Eggs and Ham
This is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books!  After we read this book, we are going to play a "Plus One Egg Coverall" game.  For this game, I am going to have my students roll a dot cube and add one to the number they rolled.  Then, they will color an egg with that number green.  They will try to work to color all of the eggs green.
The Cat in the Hat
Have you ever played the game BUMP with your students??  If not, it is a lot of fun!  I created a cat themed BUMP game to use after reading The Cat in the Hat.  For this game, students each get 10 cubes (partners need to have different colors).  They take turns rolling two dot cubes and combining the dots to add.  They cover that number on the board with their color cube.  When two cubes are stacked together, that number spot is frozen and the cubes cannot be bumped off.  However, if a friend only has one color cube on a number and their partner rolls that number, they can BUMP off their cube and put their color cube on it.  The first to run out of their color cube is the winner.  It is a really fun game and the kids always get into it! 
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
 I have a Goldfish Math Activities pack in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store with a lot of fun goldfish themed math activities.  I am planning to use the goldfish graph from this pack with my students to sort and graph goldfish snacks by color.  Then, they choose two colors to add together.  I used this with my students last year and they did a great job with it!
  You can check out this pack by clicking the image below.

I also have a Counting Fish FREE download in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  Just click the image below to check it out.
I created a document with some of these activities that I shared for FREE!  Just click the image to grab your FREE activities!
Does your school celebrate Read Across America Day?  What activities do you have planned to do with your students? 
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